Quiz: What’s your exercise personality?

Yoga, Pilates, HIIT… running, walking, weights… With so many kinds of workout, which should you choose? Find the one that suits your goals and temperament with our revealing quiz!


You know the rules – ‘At least 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week’ and ‘strength training on two days’…but if you’re short of time and lacking in enthusiasm, how will you ever fit a regular exercise programme into your life? Take our quiz to discover your workout personality.


Choose ONE answer for each question:




Think back to team games at school. Were you most likely to be:


A Team captain?


B Keeping a low profile at the back of the pitch?


C Daydreaming about being elsewhere?


D Quick to pass the ball?


E A stickler for the rules?


F Mortified that you were the last to be picked for the team?



At work, you’re happiest when you are:


A Getting your voice heard.


B Working alone.


C Being creative, or using your brain.


D Nurturing a newbie.


E Ticking tasks off your to-do list.


F Receiving a positive appraisal.



With your family, you are:


A Buoyed by having everyone around you.


B Looking forward to a bit of time alone.


C Dreaming up fun things for you all to do together.


D The one everyone turns to with their problems.


E Making sure everything runs to schedule.


F Wanting your own way.



Eating out with friends, are you:


A The life and soul of the party?


B Happier one to one?


C Most comfortable talking about serious topics?


D Hoping everyone else is enjoying themselves?


E Impatient if the service is slow?


F Anxious about how you come across?



Looking at your diary, is it:


A Packed with meetings and social engagements?


B Beautifully empty – just how you like it?


C Full of doodles?


D Mainly a reminder of other people’s birthdays?


E Neat and ordered?


F Where you dump your grievances?



On your perfect day, would you:


A Go out in a group?


B Take a long walk?


C Book a massage?


D Cook for friends?


E Set off early for a carefully planned trip?


F Spend time with someone you love and trust?



Embarking on any new project, you are:


A Raring to go.


B Quietly confident.


C Consumed with plans.


D Keeping everyone involved in the loop.


E Researching as thoroughly as possible.


F Nervous about how your new venture will go.



You’re most likely to hear yourself say:


A ‘I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch lately…’


B ‘‘I don’t know where the time goes – there aren’t enough hours in the day.’


C Hey, I’ve got a good idea…!’


D ‘How ARE you?’


E ‘Can I just double check something…?’


F ‘I feel really hurt by…’




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